Live performance by Telekinetic Walrus at PAMM

Thu 20 Apr, 2017

Telekinetic Walrus is an eclectic enforcement of funky, psychedelic hip-hop, and theatre, which immerses the listener in a world of heavy electronic bass and space travel. It is comprised of Y Diz – Ableton Live Certified Trainer/Producer; The Time-Zoo Keeper – Vocals/MC; Corinne Stevie – Vocals/MC; Faun 5000 – Saxophone/Flute/Keys and Komakozie – Beatbox/MC.

This Miami-based crew has taken stages by storm and kept parties popping since 2009. The group delivers a mesmerizing performance wrought with the finest beats, articulated lyrics, and enough low end to turn up an extraterrestrial dance party.

Pérez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

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