Panoply: Paintings, Photographs and Sculpture at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries

Through September 2014

ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables Presents Panoply: Paintings, Photographs and Sculpture. As suggested by its title, Panoply is a wide-ranging selection of more than two dozen colorful abstractions by eleven artists from six countries: the United States, Cuba, England, Egypt, Mexico and Venezuela. Panoply: Paintings, Photographs and Sculpture, Part I (from May 2 through Sep 2014), will feature works by Bassmi, … +


The 5th Annual African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida

September 5-7, 2014

A Vibrant and Unique Celebration of the African Diaspora Culture Comes Alive in South Florida when Delou Africa continues their mission to honor a myriad of music, dance and drum traditions of Africa with their 5th annual African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida. The festival theme, Bridging Cultural Gaps, provides an opportunity to showcase the creativity and cultural resilience of … +


Fleeting Imaginaries at Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation

Sep 5 through Nov 2, 2014

CIFO is proud to announce Fleeting Imaginaries as this year’s Grants & Commissions Program exhibition, featuring works by emerging artists such as Pablo Accinelli (Argentina), Nayarí Castillo (Venezuela), Marcellvs L. (Brazil), Carlos Martiel (Cuba), Mateo Pizarro (Colombia) and Adrian Regnier (Mexico) and mid-career artists: Claudia Joskowicz (Bolivia), Rosângela Rennó (Brazil). The exhibition explores the symbolic aspect of the increasing production of shared … +


ASHLEY OUBRÉ. New works at Robert Fontaine Gallery

January 2015

Ashley Oubré is an American and self taught photo-realist artist from Washington, DC.Oubré began drawing at the age of 20. Best known for utilizing photo-realistic techniques to achieve keen light, shadow and texture in her portraits, her drawings are crafted with graphite powder, india ink and carbon pencil. Working in a style she calls “hyper realist,” Oubre says she’s drawn to subjects … +


The Miami Generation: Revisited

Through September 21, 2014

In 1983, Miami’s former Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture presented the groundbreaking exhibition The Miami Generation, which represented a pivotal moment in South Florida’s cultural history and brought together for the first time nine emerging artists from Miami’s Cuban exile community who were part of a first generation that received its artistic education in the United States. Now, more than 30 … +


The Indigo Room or Is Memory Water Soluble Edouard Duval-Carrie

Currently On View

Knowledgeable about Vodou since childhood, Duval-Carrié incorporates the religion’s theatrical sacred personages as players in his visual dramas of upheaval and transcendence. Migration out of Haiti, with consequences for the country left behind, is a persistent theme. The twentieth-century renaissance in Haitian art has a proud exponent in Duval-Carrié, who portrays Vodou figures and rituals as Hector Hyppolite did in the 1940s … +


Diavolo – Architecture in Motion at the Kravis Center West Palm Beach

Friday, November 7 at 8:00 pm

Diavolo reinvents dance, re-images theater, and redefines thrills. Performers take movement, athletics and daring to the extreme, creating abstract narratives through surreal architectural landscapes. Under the Artistic Director Jacques Heim, the company creates an almost cinematic experience of powerful images that develop conceptual accounts of the human condition, utilizing unique architectural creations, to provide the backdrop for an evening of dramatic movement. … +


The Margulies Collection At The Warehouse Presents Its Fifteen Year Anniversary Exhibition

Oct 29, 2014 - Apr 25, 2015

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse presents its 15th Year Anniversary of public exhibitions. Since its inauguration in 1999 the Warehouse has welcomed visitors from South Florida and all over the world. The Warehouse exhibitions showcase art of our times featuring 20th & 21st century sculpture, photography, video, painting and large scale installations by international artists culled from the renowned collection of … +


David Castillo Gallery announces inaugural exhibition on it's new space in Miami Beach!

Sep 26, 2014, 6:00 - 11:00 pm

David Castillo Gallery announces its new space on Miami Beach’s 420 Lincoln Road. The inaugural exhibition – a large group show – will mark the gallery’s 101st exhibition. The inauguration of the space comes after one decade in Miami with a 5,000 square foot gallery. The gallery’s new exhibition space was designed by architect Albert Anis and built in 1942 on the … +


El Anatsui. Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works on view at the Bass Museum of Art

Through September 21, 2014

Drawing on the artistic and aesthetic traditions of his birth country of Ghana, his home in Nigeria and various Western art forms and movements, Anatsui’s work combines personal, local and global concerns. Anatsui arranges for the collection of discarded aluminum bottle tops, seals and labels produced by local Nigerian distilleries, which are then bent, twisted and pieced together to create massive, colorful, … +


Gold at the Bass Museum of Art

Through January 11, 2015

In 1962, year in which Marilyn Monroe pased, Andy Warhol screened the image of the starlet over painted canvases, including golden ones, immortalizing Monroe and establishing her image as one of the most recognized artworks in the world. One year before, the conceptual artist Piero Manzoni rattled the art world by canning his own feces and making them available for sale, pricing … +


Durban Segnini Gallery presents Dialogo Tridimensional. Pablo Atchugarry, Agustn Crdenas, Eduardo Ramrez-Villamizar

August - November, 2014

Three different sculptors, different aesthetics, different three-dimensional propositions – all of them interrelated, nonetheless, despite their differences – come together in Diálogo Tridimensional, an exhibition that combines the works of the Cuban-French Agustín Cárdenas, the Colombian Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and the Uruguayan Pablo Atchugarry. Connected to a society’s conscious reality, the trio formed by Cárdenas, Ramírez Villamizar and Atchugarry addresses man’s imagery … +


Leonor Antunes at Perez Art Museum Project Gallery

Aug 21, 2014 - Jan 18, 2015

Berlin-based artist Leonor Antunes (b. 1972) will be producing a new, large-scale installation for the Project Gallery off the entrance area of the museum. The artist will be visiting Miami several times to research the architecture and design history of the city, which will influence the production of her work for PAMM. Antunes’ work often references the legacies of modernism, specific geometric … +


Conversation and book signing with LYNNE GOLOB GELFMAN

July 26, 2014. 4:30 - 6:00 pm

PAMM collection artist Lynne Golob Gelfman will discuss her work with Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander, followed by a book signing of true surfaces, a monograph presenting nine series of her paintings created over four decades. trued surfaces is available for purchase at PAMM shop. Read more Miami-Based artist Lynne Golob Gelfman grew up in New York, where she graduated from Sarah … +


Heart Strings- Goran Tomcic at Dimensions Variable

Through August 22, 2014

Heart Strings is an installation composed of twelve corresponding works, all made with the three materials: hanger wire, fishing line, and Mylar sequins. During the tedious process of nearly a year, thousands of strings with heart-shaped sequins as well as the other shaped sequins (leaves, flowers, shells, cubes and circles) were made and then assembled into the hanger wires displayed as wall … +


Marie Orensanz: Works From the Œ70s at Alejandra von Hartz Gallery

Through August 16, 2014

Marie Orensanz began her artistic career studying painting with two of the foundational artists of Argentine Modernism: Emilio Pettoruti and Antonio Seguí. An active member of the art scene in Buenos Aires in the 1960s and 1970s, she participated in the exhibitions and cultural activities organized by the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella, and she was involved with the Centro de Arte y … +


Cara Despain: Cast Set at Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Through July 31, 2014

Exploiting tropes of the American West that are embedded in our collective psyche, Cara’s work conveys a doubling of mythos that is nostalgic, eerie, and dimly familiar. In Cast Set she constructs a world that at once embodies the type of optimism associated with the new frontier, and the loss that colors its inevitable settlement. She uses concrete, salt, and fools gold … +


25 Sq. inches The Faces of the Permanent Collection of the Frost Art Museum

Through August 24, 2014

As one of the most scrutinized and depicted subjects, the human face is a pervasive and important theme in the history of art. The face has perpetually captivated and inspired artists and artisans. From ancient Egypt to the Renaissance, from photography to Pop Art, man’s fascination with the face is eternal. Drawn from the permanent collection of the Frost Art Museum, the … +