Abba Fine Art revisits 911

From Sep 9th through Oct 28th, 2006Abba Fine Art presents Debra Holt’s recent installation 911 Revisited. With this work the artist reflects upon 911 and creates an installation based on this tragedy. As a resident of NYC for over a decade, and having worked in the Twin Towers, her past experiences inspired her with the creativity to incorporate various media to convey the horror of 911. Debra Holt creates an installation with paintings, newspaper articles, American flag, photography, video, and a grief wall, which provides a space for the viewers to express their feelings. Viewers are encouraged to create their own expression with statements, words, images, candles, photos, etc., on the grief wall. The installation includes an hour long video by Michael Trebilcock titled Firefighters: Ground Zero. For more information, please call: 305.576-4278

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