Joshua Payne Orchestra Miami

Video by Joshua Payne The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs Miami by Joshua Payne. Recorded live in downtown Salt Lake City. Joshua Payne -Guitar Dan Thomas -Drums Ron … Watch on Youtube

Risk at Art Basel 2011 in Miami

Video by Kohshin Finley Risk at Art Basel 2011 in Miami Beautifully Destroyed #1 Shot + Edited by Kohshin Finley – Sounds by Washed Out – New Theory(RAC mix) … Watch on Youtube

Frost Chorale – Sensemaya

Video by UM Frost School of Music Choral Studies Frost Chorale performs Sid Robinovitch’s “Sensemaya” at the 2016 University of Miami Honor Choir. Watch on Youtube

Miami Symphony Orchestra

Video by 247Miami Miami Symphony Orchestra, con el Maestro Eduardo Marturet, presenta Musica en Citios Insuspechados como parte de una serie de conciertos para la … Watch on Youtube