Beyond the Invisible: A solo exhibition by Miami based artist Carla Fache

Thorough August 2, 2013.

Beyond the Invisible, the exhibition of Carla Fache’s new works, investigates the transformative effects of color, expanded balance expectations of the painted medium, and the artist’s unique process.

Fache’s intention to interpret the spaces between the material and the emptiness; making visible the unconsciousness of physics through exploring the subconscious links that connects balance, brings to life her new series of work which unveils hidden dimensions through her paintings.

In this new line of work, Fache delves further into her studio practice by creating a balance proposal beyond the frontiers of the canvas, interplaying between color and material; and by layering colors that evoke the acceleration of matter across a surface, light through space, and action over time in ways that blur conventional definitions of painting.

Fache’s new paintings are charged with an intuitive spontaneity; the intensity of her colors and her experimental approach to process are linked in her search for the interconnection between the concept of space and its viewer, building perspectives through the exploration of balance, space and spontaneous geometrics. Which, guided by the command of light and vibration, boost paradoxical color effects.
“These new paintings are all about exploring the color balance, the intuitive and all the in between”, explains Fache.

Carla Fache was born in 1977 in Santiago, Chile. She works and lives in Miami since 2001. She is currently based at the Fountainhead Studios, Miami- Florida, where she has been focusing on her practice. Fache‘s command of color, raw geometrics and texture, along with her continuous exploration of the essential, are part of the most recognizable drivers of her works. Her artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including venues in New York, London, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami
and Argentina. Her more recent art shows include: Florida Museum for Women Artists, Parallax AF – London, Cambridge Art Association-Boston, Armory Art Center- Palm Beach. Her more recent publications include: 2012 Studio Visit Magazine‚ by New American Paintings USA. The artist was recipient of the 2011 Celeste Prize‚ Italy.

Arts Park at Young Circle Gallery
Hollywood Blvd and US1
Hollywood, FL 33020

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