Candles Cake and Fun. An interview with FeCuOp

By Mia Saavedra

fecuop-1fecuop-2 fecuop-3 fecuop-4 fecuop-5 fecuop-6 fecuop-7 fecuop-8 fecuop-9 fecuop-10

FeCuOp is a contemporary art collaborative established in 1997 by Jason Ferguson, Brandon Opalka and Christian Curiel. The name constitutes an amalgam of the three artist’s names. Much like the periodic table of elements, the unique characteristics of each member bring a unique variable property to every collaboration. Each an artist in their own right, together FeCuOp fuses to create work that encourages members to become a part of one collective voice. Working with various mediums and at times nontraditional venues, FeCuOp often starts with an idea for a social experiment that invites viewers to engage in their art through direct involvement.

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