Carlos Betancourt. Re-Collections III

Diana Lowenstein Fine Art. From Dec 4th, 2007 through Feb 3rd, 2008.

Carlos Betancourt. Miami ArtistMiami based artist Carlos Betancourt has been collecting vintage glass Christmas ornaments for fifteen years.  His newest installation, Re-Collections III, continues to explore the artist's fascination with the act of collecting.  The show consists of a large-scale floor installation comprised of hundreds of ornaments from the artist's collection. Also included will be a limited edition of giclée prints and a large print on canvas. These prints are photographic compositions that document hundreds of close-ups of the ornaments and their surfaces, where the artist has reflected multiple objects and images.

Also in exhibit at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art will be "The Hedge", a large format photographic print on vinyl also by Betancourt. The vinyl will be installed in a monumental wall outside the gallery. In this composition of glitzy bravado, the artist has invited seventeen people to personify specific characters in front of a typical South Florida Ficus Hedge.  Once again, exploring the boundaries between the past and the present, the artist includes in the photograph some of his family members, including his father and part of his world globes collection.   References to Pop-Culture and contemporary art can be found through out the image.  The hedge not only serves as a symbol of nature, common in the artworks of the artist, but is also proposes references to our boundaries, sense of privacy and social stature.

For more information, please call: 305.576.1804

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