Common Roots

Arts at St Johns. From Oct 5th through 10th, 2009.

The Common Roots art exhibit is all about native plants and how they can build bridges between different cultures. The exhibit presents paintings, weavings, sculpture and photography of local artists who share the “Common Roots” not only of the plants, but also of the cultural stories and use of the plants for enjoyment, decoration, building materials, utensils, adornments, foods, medicines, and more.

The Arts at St Johns, in collaboration with the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, hosts this diverse exhibit that depicts the diversity of native and traditional plants coming from the Caribbean region, including South Florida. The exhibit will be open Monday, October 5th through Saturday, October 10th, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Sometimes it’s hard to find commonalities among the diverse cultural communities in South Florida. The exhibit artists come from all around the globe, from large cities and small villages. They have different values, religions, and dreams; but one thing they, as residents in South Florida, do have in common – is a love and interest in the plants of our region. In their artwork, the depicted plants and gardens tell stories about our shared heritages.

The artists come from Chicago, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Narrowsburg, NY, Spanish Harlem and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Several artists have roots in Jamaica and the West Indies; two were born in Venezuela and Argentina. They are Linda Apriletti, Patti Black, Rosie Brown, Mary Catello, Elizabet Chacon, Ruben Martinez Chamizo, Dee Clark, Perri Cox, John DeFaro, Mark Diamond, Natasha Duwin, Rosa Gallardo, Flex Maslan, Deborah M. Mitchell, Evelyn Mitchell, Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, Miguel Paredes, Patricia Roldan, Irene Sperber, Paula Turk, Marilyn Valiente, Nelson Viera, Deborah Weed and Marian Wertalka.

The Curators are Winsome Bolt and Debra Cortese (visual artists), and Carol Hoffman-Guzman (visual artist and project anthropologist). The Project Botanist is Steven Woodmansee, who was born in Miami and has extensive knowledge of the ethnobotany of the Americas.

Arts at St Johns at Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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