Dimensions Variable presents Hither/Thereat by Margrethe Aanestad

Jan 30 - Mar 23, 2015

Margrethe Aanestad explores spacial relationships through form, color, material and space. She uses various techniques on paper and a careful orchestration of found objects to reveal a sublime balance. Her compositions are not only a relationship between drawings and three dimensional panels, but a response to the space and place itself.

Aanestad has been working in Miami for several weeks and has been exploring this place. She has transformed the experience into an installation of sculpture and works on paper, taking in the energy of the city and collecting materials, from the streets and leftover items that find themselves discarded in thrifts and trash bins. As Aanestad works, she’s responding to the exhibition space and the city in a very intuitive way. Making decisions about choices in materials, arrangements and compositions based on the experience of her stay. She allows coincidences, fragments, layers and relationships between objects to reveal themselves in the process. The idea for Hither/Thereat or “to this place/at that place” in Old English, reveals the artist’s state of mind in coming from “thereat” and reflecting on “hither” through the process of collecting, working and displaying.

Margrethe Aanestad (b. Stavanger, Norway 1974) is based in Stavanger and Brooklyn, NY. Aanestad has education background from primarily fine arts, but also graphic design, art history, cultural development and curating. Recent solo exhibitions include Open Source Gallery, New York (2013); UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami, FL, with Prosjektrom Normanns, Norway (2012). Selected group exhibitions; UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami, FL (2014) with Prosjektrom Normanns, Norway; Another Space, Copenhagen (2014); Pulse Art Fair, Miami, FL (2013) with Dimensions Variable; Interno4, Bologna, Italy (2013); Galeria Des Pacio de la Cruz, San Jose, Costa Rica (2013); ISCP, New York (2012); Tokyo Graphic Passport, Tokyo, Japan (2011); the 124. Annual National Art Exhibition in Norway, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway (2011). She currently is working on a commission for British Petroleum Head Quarter in Norway and has a residency and solo exhibition at Dimensions Variable, Miami, FL. Upcoming shows in 2015: Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway. Aanestad is co-founder and co-curator of the artist run space Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger and is co-founder and co-owner of the co-working space Erfjorgata 8 in Stavanger. She also is currently the Advisory Board of Kunsthall Stavanger.

Dimensions Variable
100 NE 11th Street
Miami, FL, 33132

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