Documentary Workshop at CCE Miami

August 20th through Aug 31st, 2007. 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.Make Your Own Documentary is a workshop taking place at Centro Cultural Español at the end of August. This workshop is aimed to show how a documentary piece can be accomplished regardless of financial considerations, showing the multiple narrative possibilities of documentary filmmaking. The workshop is addressed to students in the audiovisual field or people interested in filmmaking with no experience. It will provide both, theory and hands-on training where students will develop a personal project based on a common subject: The Cultural Diversity in Miami. Make Your Own Documentary is organized in three-stage basis: script, filming and editing and it be taught by filmmakers Belén González Blanco and Jean Castejón Gilabert. Registration includes theoretical and practical classes. Each participant will bring his personal camera. Registration is limited. CCE will do a selection among the applicants.

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