ICA Ideas: Kirsty Bell on the work of artist Thomas Bayrle

Thu 2 Feb, 2017

Writer Kirsty Bell will present a new talk, “The massive scale of sameness makes everything completely different,” on the work of renowned German Pop artist Thomas Bayrle.

This lecture will look at how Bayrle’s train of thought draws a line linking Gothic architecture, Fordian production lines, organized religion and the rise of the highway as the ultimate superstructure.

Since his beginnings as a German Pop artist in the 1960s, Thomas Bayrle has applied his acute sensibility, and sense of humor, to the forces and structures that shape society. Religion, consumerism, media communications and mass transportation systems all come under his scrutiny. “I never tried to obtain an overview,” he says, “but stayed with the detail, knowing that the detail comprises the whole.” His work suggests that only through incident does the system reveal itself and can be articulated.

Main Gallery

ICA Miami

4040 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33137



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