Ideobox Artspace. The Every Other Day

Oct 7th, 2010 through Jan 7th, 2011.

altIdeobox Artspace is pleased to present The Every Other Day, a group exhibition curated by Donald Johnson Montenegro, featuring recent work by Carol Bove, Ernesto Burgos, Beth Campbell, Michael DeLucia, Andrés Ferrandis, Jonah Groeneboer, Charles Harlan, Tim Hyde, Zak Kitnick, Ian Pedigo, and Heather Rowe.
How might the usual become unusual—how might the everyday become the every other day? The eleven artists included in this show each engage with this question. They emphasize the present but latent strangeness of the everyday materials and concepts with which they work, making the common uncommon through a subtle but potent subversion. The “every other day” suggests an ongoing interruption of the everyday, a tactic that strives not for an isolated moment of shock but rather for a continual confrontation. It endeavors to weave its disruption into the fabric of the familiar, to create a continual hiccup in ordinary time. These artists use the tools and language of Minimalism, abstraction, architecture, and appropriation to make odd once again that to which we have become immune.

Much in the way that Minimalism compelled the viewer into a phenomenological interaction with the work, or that Pop enticed the viewer to turn a critical eye on mass culture, the work of these young artists draws the viewer to reconsider the possibilities of the ordinary. Their individual reconfigurations of the everyday recall the social historian and philosopher Michel de Certeau’s assertion that modern individuals “make innumerable and infinitesimal transformations of and within the dominant cultural economy in order to adapt it to their own interests and their own rules” (from The Practice of Everyday Life). Infusing construction materials with poetic charge, unbalancing carefully repeated forms, heightening an object’s enigmatic allure, unsettling its properties, imbuing art historical references with sly humor, turning peculiar what was once mundane: these are but some of the ways these artists shift the everyday toward the every other day. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday by appointment only.

Ideobox Artspace
2417 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127-4433

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