Invisibles Palpables at Alejandra von Hartz Gallery

Through Jan 17, 2017


Invisibles Palpables by artist Luis González Palma questions the idea of emptiness and time in a metaphysical sense. The production aims to express nothingness, as a spiritual search that resembles a portrayal of beauty more in tune with oriental preconceptions.

In Invisibles. . . the artist is strongly determined by the necessity to materialize sensitivity and emotion; to conceptualize the utopic space of that which is not representable. In this sense, the most significant accomplishment of González Palma’s new work resides in radicalizing his visual concept, subjecting photographic images to a purging process that restores them to their maximum essence: abstraction.

Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery
2630 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
305 438.0220


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