J.Tomás López: The Portrait Series at Lowe Art Museum

Thu 25 May, 2017

Drawing from his personal pantheon of artist heroes, López’s work evokes the powerful imagery of 19th-century master portrait photographers like Nadar (Gaspar Félix Tournachon) and Julia Margaret Cameron. The series exemplifies Lopez’s acute interest in the continuation of formal photographic processes through carbon printing, which produces very beautiful, high-quality images that are rich in pigment and outstanding in visual resolution; a quality easily confused with modern-day digital technology.

The portrait series signals time and space, windows to the development of the photographic process past and present, a lens focused on the intense and exact moment, when through the eyes, we are confronted with the soul.

On view through Sep 17, 2017

Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami
1301 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33124

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