Just My Height Art Shows Presents "The Writing on the Wall"

Jan 23, 2015, 7:00-10:00pm

Just My Height Art Shows brings fine art to young children’s eye level by displaying professional-level, fine art (not children’s or “childish” art) at just 36 inches high so young children can see it. With its innovative approach to art shows, Just My Height Art Shows productions are just like any other art show—only the art is hung at a “new low.”

Just My Height’s next production, called “The Writing on the Wall,” will benefit the Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library in support of Miami-Dade Public Library’s Project L.E.A.D. (Literacy for Every Adult in Dade).
Entrance into the show is free; donations to Friends of Miami-Dade Public Library will come through the sale of artwork in the show. The juried show will feature affordable works of art from 20 artists from Miami and around the country with pieces centered around the theme of letters and numbers.

The opening reception for “The Writing on the Wall” will feature games, activities and prizes designed to engage the children with the art. Snacks and beverages for both the children and the adults will be provided.

Christine Lyall, a Miami artist, creator of Just My Height Art Shows and a Project LEAD volunteer for more than 10 years, says she thought of the “low art” show concept when she noticed a young boy straining to see a piece of artwork hanging on the wall at a show. The boy’s father could see the piece just fine; the boy could not.

“I thought, ‘The artwork needs to be lower so the poor kid can see it!’ And then a light bulb went on and I thought, ‘What if an entire art show were designed specifically for children by simply lowering the art a few inches? It seemed so simple, and yet, to my knowledge, it had never been done before,” says Lyall.

With governments cutting back on arts funding and school districts reducing their arts education budgets, “it’s increasingly important to find other ways to cultivate children’s appreciation for art, and the sooner you can get them started, the better,” says Lyall.

Benefiting Friends of Miami-Dade Public Library, in support of Miami-Dade Public Library’s Project L.E.A.D (Literacy for Every Adult in Dade)

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Show Sponsor: Rex Art Supply www.rexart.com

Just My Height at Pyramid Studios Miami
8890 SW 129th Terrace
Miami, FL 33176

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