MIAMI BEACH CULTURE CRAWL: 3/D Rarities and 3/D 35mm photographs by Alexandre Nahon

Wed Apr 24, 2019

From 6-10pm MBC will host an open house featuring the MBC Interactive Archive Project touch-screen monitor in the gallery along with 3/D 35mm photographs by Alexandre Nahon. In celebration of the 1950s debut of the archive project, 3/D Rarities will play on the main screen. 3/D glasses provided.

Presented in high-quality digital 3/D, all films have been stunningly restored and mastered direct from archival materials. Meticulously aligned shot by shot for precise registration of the original left/right elements, these historic 3/D motion pictures have never before looked this good. Selections include New Dimensions, the first domestic full color 3/D film originally shown at the World’s Fair in 1940; Around is Around, a 3/D animated gem by Norman McLaren; Rocky Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott, the only 3/D newsreel; trailer for The Maze, with fantastic production design by William Cameron Menzies (coming to MBC this summer!); I’ll Sell My Shirt, a burlesque comedy unseen in 3/D for over 60 years; Boo Moon, an excellent example of color stereoscopic animation…and more!


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