Miami Performing Arts Center

Volunteer at MPAC and Embark on an Exciting Adventure!Miami Performing Arts Center is already putting together a corps of hard-working, arts-loving individuals who will help the Center become one of the most important cultural institutions in the Americas. Opportunities for volunteering at the Center encompass many areas, from performing clerical duties in administrative offices during the day to ushering at performances in the evenings. MPAC will also be looking for volunteers to provide concierge services, edit and translate documents, greet visitors, check-in bags and umbrellas, serve on advocacy committees, and offer counseling and mentoring to other volunteers. In an international city such as Miami, knowing more than one language, while not a requirement for all volunteer positions, is especially helpful. For more information on opportunities for volunteering at MPAC, please contact Evelyn Gigiras at 305-579-7632 or

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