New Expressionism at Barrio Workshop Art Space

Through Jan 15, 2012.

The Aluna Art Foundation recently inaugurated the exhibition After Neo-Expressionism: diaries at the edge of the roughness, which showcases paintings by artists Frank Chinea Inguanzo, Vicente Dopico-Lerner, Yovani Bauta, Carlos A. Díaz Barrios, and sculptures by Ramón Lago. Curated by Guillermo Castellanos and sponsored by JFI Properties, IMAIM Capital and Plastic Displays Inc., the exhibition will be open to the public until January 15th, 2012 at Barrio Workshop Art Space.

From Munch’s The Scream in the late 19th century to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffitis, the expressionist strategy has motivated artistic production in unforeseen ways by giving it a singular force and unusual emotive character rarely found in the history of arts. Today, after the legacy of international Neo-Expressionism and the Italian Trans-Vanguard movement, this language continues to offer a space to rebel and resist an art that was primarily objective and intellectualized; an open passage to the subjectivity of the artists, with a thematic spectrum that covers from the devolution of their interior worlds to the social document of a convulsive reality- all at the edge of the abyss.

Aluna Art Foundation is an organization created to promote those artistic practices that question the hegemonic or those that can’t find a place within the ‘main-stream’. AAF will also work with alternative perspectives with the purpose of widening the margins and thoughts on contemporary art. AAF was created by Adriana Herrera Tellez and Guillermo Castellanos.

Workshop Art Space
518 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130
305. 547.2325

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