Noise. Water. Meat.

A night of experimental art and music. November 4th, 2006Noise. Water. Meat. is a show organized in Ft. Lauderdale every two months by a collective of local experimentalists and creators. It features an array of visual and performance art including music, fine art, photography, installations and audience participation. In its third installment, Noise. Water. Meat. will offer musical performances of Phoenecia, Whistling School for Boys, Threat and Richard Vergez. Visual artists participating will be Giselle Zatonyl, Stephanie Marie Garcia, Vladmir Cassel, Jacqueline Gomez, Ariana van Gelder, Vena and Richard Vergez. In addition, film-maker Nathan Moyer will present two of his videos entitled Hell is Almost Past and Control. Both technically redefining movies, will be displayed on a repeating loop for the audience to view throughout the night. For more information, please call: 305.299.8577

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