By Manuela Gabaldon


Our House West Of Wynwood (O.H.W.O.W), a free spirited space for every type of art medium located, you guessed it, west of Wynwood, lends itself to the display of everything and everyone art; from photographers, musicians, writers, poets, filmmakers, skaters, and performers, to curators, designers and “creatives” alike. Its surroundings are as eclectic as the art it exhibits. Evocative of creative director Al Moran’s inspiration, the New York City art scene, in which every graffiti-covered warehouse door could be the gateway to an incredible art space, O.H.W.O.W’s surroundings are anything but indicative of what it holds within. Local convenience stores, loud traffic, corner markets, and loitering locals are the essence of the neighborhood that O.H.W.O.W’s pioneering influence is sure to enhance with the unlikely place that lies behind its doors.

Flawless white walls, a black and white asymmetrical floor, and a hidden DJ Booth make the internal structure of O.H.W.O.W a work of art in itself. In this space, designed by Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture at Large (www.architectureatlarge.com), guests and spectators have the unique experience of actually standing in art while viewing art in the current exhibition. Miami is the perfect location for this venture as we stand on the brink of an artistic revolution giving opportunity to the rise of numerous art districts throughout our dynamic city.

Although O.H.W.O.W’s concept and mission might resemble that of a gallery’s, Moran does not wish to categorize this new space as a gallery per se, or more importantly, himself as a gallerist. On the contrary, he considers himself a collector above anything else and tells me that O.H.W.O.W is in no way a business venture for him; he emphasizes that it is a place for the love of art, the fun of art, and the new in art. Moran, along with his partner Aaron “A-Ron the Downtown Don” Bondaroff, wishes O.H.W.O.W to house a big family of producers, artists, and collectors. The space has been developed to exude the sensation of being amongst friends and fellow art lovers. As long time collectors, Moran and Bondaroff have compiled a list of creative friends throughout the years whose names and careers have grown before their eyes; these are the artists and friends that they hope to exhibit during O.H.W.O.W’s opening months, therefore setting the tone for the space and actually achieving the family essence they wish to convey.

Live music, inventive displays, progressive concepts, variety, and raw talent are just a few of the components that will boost this wonderful madness of a space, located on NW 7th Avenue and 31st street, from a throwback to the Downtown Don’s underground art scenes of New York’s Lower East Side, to the reality of Miami’s here and now revolution of the arts.

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