Photoconstructions by Peter Macke

From Nov 8th through Nov 22nd, 2008.  Curator's Voice Art Projects. Miami Art Curator's Voice Art Projects led by Milagros Bello presents the solo exhibition Photoconstructions by artist Peter Macke through November 22nd, 2008. Peter Mackies' photographic images present scolding references to urban elements and recreate a constructivist world of tools and industrial materials in a rough and textured environment.

Compiled in chaotic arrangement of a Baroque "horror vacui", Mackie overload his photographic scenes with multileveled meanings from social allusions to personal memories. Surprises and discoveries unexpectedly appear in the diverse and delirious combination of incongruous and disparate elements, either relating to domestic life or to urban detritus. There is an excess of the visuality in his works, an exaggerated overpopulating of objects that reminds us the excess and accumulation of things in our consumer oriented society.

Mackie is an obsessive collector of items that mostly they relate to its surrounding in the busy and overpopulated New York City. We can call Mackie’s photographs , urban still life, or in the most extreme case, dead collectible. But in whatever sense we approach to these works, we know we are dealing with a contemporary "vanitas" that alludes to the futility of life and its ultimate mortal essence. The ephemeral effects of these used and discarded articles link to death and disappearance.

Curator's Voice Art Projects at Abba Fine Art
233 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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