Project Space exhibits Juana Valdes at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Oct 23- Dec 11, 2015

“An Inherent View of the World” is an exhibition by Juana Valdes as a part of Project Space. Here the artist creates a lavish, almost baroque accumulation of items which often get relegated to the discard pile when people are in the process of de-accessioning the so-called “dust collectors” of their past. Objects that usually don’t belong in the next phase of life.

Juana Valdes invites the viewer to ponder the history of global trade through the display of china and other domestic wares collected for her show. A multi-media installation artist trained in Western post-Modern philosophy and with backgrounds in sculpture and printmaking, Valdes presents a Duchampian project in which the artist’s selected objects become the art.

Mindy Solomon Gallery
Little River, 8397 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

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