Raul Mendez: This is Nowhere

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Through Jan 4th, 2009.  Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Miami Art NewsThis is Nowhere is a multimedia installation that shifts our regular vantage point and perspective. We are made to look down at a surrounding landscape, as if aloft. The viewer is placed neither here nor there: between floating photographs of clouds, a sectioned metropolis of buildings in the snow, and a painted island, where human dramas unfold and crowds gather to document events for unspecified reasons. A video projected above and onto the small city cycles between night and day, mediating a dark urban cacophony with a ghostly wind in the blue sky.

This piece emphasizes the vexing placeless-ness of our surroundings; This is Nowhere is a cautionary tale, a myth, or a parable. It imagines our human condition as a connection of relationships between us and the spaces we occupy without a central axis. The spinning world is adrift, and this installation attempts to find the precise center of Nowhere.

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
1650 Harrison St.
Hollywood, FL 33020

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