Ruben Torres Llorca and Liliam Dominguez

CCE Miami From Jul 27th through August 10th, 2007CCE Miami recently inaugurated and exhibition titled “Un cuento para ninos basado en un crimen real” (A children’s story based on a real crime) by Miami based artists Rubén Torres Llorca and Liliam Domínguez. This exhibit is made of a narrative piece, part thriller, part intervention work and part three-dimensional fairytale. It narrates two parallel stories, a masculine and a feminine one. Sometimes discordant and sometimes in harmony, they meet at a given point. Like jazz music, it reproduces a call and answer effect that makes up the core theme. “Un cuento para ninos basado en un crimen real” is the first of a series of three exhibitions by Liliam Dominguez and Rubén Torres Llorca. The second one, entitled “Los nombres han sido cambiados para proteger al culpable” (The names have been omitted to protect the culprit) that will open in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico this November and the third one “La habitación de nuestros hijos” (Our kid’s room) that will take place in Spain in the Saro León space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Torres Llorca and Domínguez have work closely in the discussion of their poetics and individual projects and in the making of several collaborative works. One of them can be seen in the Bass Museum permanent collection. Rubén Torres-Llorca’s work has been presented in several international biennials and he has exhibited in museums of Havana, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico and Quito. He has collaborated in more than 300 group shows worldwide. Liliam Domínguez has had two solo exhibitions in Havana and Miami and her work has been featured in numerous group shows both in Cuba and the US. At present she is taking her Master’s Degree in Photography in the University of Miami.

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