Simplified Randomization

Drawings by Maricel Ruiz at EdgeZones. September, 2007.

Maricel Ruiz. Simplified Randomization. 2007. Miami ExhibitionsEdgeZones space, located in Wynwood Art District, is presenting a solo exhibition by Maricel Ruiz titled Simplified Randomization. The exhibition features a collection of Maricel Ruiz’s intuitive based drawings that blur the lines between the recognizable and the incomprehensible.

Through the use of graphite on paper, the majority of Ruiz’s drawings exist in a state of impermanence. The erased segments dispersed throughout the drawing are seen as an attempt to mimic the randomness of the memory processes of the brain. As the artist describes: "Within the mind of each individual is a landscape filled with thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and imaginations that are waiting to be explored. It is commonplace for an individual to unknowingly travel amongst this landscape and as a result, find him or herself questioning certain aspects of reality".

For more information, please call: 305.303.8852

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