Lawrence Weiner at Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami

Fri 27 Jan, 2017 - Sun 25 Jun, 2017

OUT OF SIGHT is a generic structure by American artist Lawrence Weiner. Based upon the concept of a hopscotch and designed for public institutions, OUT OF SIGHT is flexible. The work is conceived to be exhibited in multiple languages. Weiner’s signature is his text-based work. His language takes on a new dimension with OUT OF SIGHT, where its presentation takes the form of a game that … +


‘On The Horizon – Contemporary Cuban Art From The Jorge M. Pérez Collection’ at Pérez Art Museum Miami

Fri 9 Jun, 2017 - Sun 8 Apr, 2018

This exhibition explores the diverse cultural and emotional landscapes of recent Cuban art. It presents a selection of works by Contemporary Cuban artists donated to the museum by Jorge M. Pérez, the majority from a recent gift of over 170 pieces, as well as works previously gifted to PAMM in 2012, and several recent acquisitions. The selection includes multiple images of the … +


Fernando De Szyszlo Solo at Durban Segnini Gallery, Miami

Mon 1 May, 2017

Within the framework of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Durban Segnini Gallery, we are pleased to present the exhibition Fernando de Szyszlo, when the most recent Master’s creations will be exhibited. The opening reception will be held on Friday, May 19th, at 7:00 pm where we will have the special opportunity to share with the artist. Durban Segnini Gallery 3072 SW 38th Ave … +


‘ARTvisions International’ at Artspace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Florida

Artspace/Virginia Miller Galleries is hosting “ARTvisions International,” an exhibition featuring two dozen paintings by 12 international artists from different countries. The exhibition is on view through June 30, 2017. Each of the exhibits demonstrates individualistic artistic form, technique, and subject matter. However, despite such diversity of techniques and theme each of these artworks is able to create a scenario that transcends … +


‘Sublimation: Ancestral Patterns’ at Yeelen Gallery, Miami

Yeelen Gallery is hosting installation artist Ya La’ford’s solo exhibition “Sublimation: Ancestral Patterns.” The exhibition is on view through May 27, 2017. The artworks displayed in this exhibition reflect La’ford’s Jamaican cultural hybridity through her life experiences challenging the humanistic patterns. “Sublimation: Ancestral Patterns” features La’Ford’s stain-dyed paintings that are cast from her self-made paints and pigments. Regarded as one of … +


'Clippings and Hard Fruit' at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami

Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, will play host a solo exhibition by David Hicks, titled ‘Clippings and Hard Fruit’, on view from May 20 to August 5, 2017.  Taking over the full gallery space, the artist will present a collection of wall works, sculptural installations and tabletop pieces, exploring his interpretation of the flora and fauna of the California landscape. The artist … +

Visual Arts

‘Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya’ at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

Mon 1 May, 2017 - Tue 31 Oct, 2017

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami is hosting a two-part exhibition, “Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya,” on view through October 2017. The exhibition is inspired by the rich and vivid history of Vizcaya. This is an attempt to rekindle the history that has been lost in spaces. The exhibition will also showcase installations by contemporary South Florida artists, including Duane Brant, Phillips, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, … +


‘Julius Klinger: Posters for a Modern Age’ at The Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami

Fri 6 Oct, 2017 - Sun 1 Apr, 2018

he Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami will be hosting “Julius Klinger: Posters for a Modern Age,” from October 6, 2017 through April 1, 2018. One of the leading graphic artists of the modern age, Austrian designer Julius Klinger (1876–1942) transformed commercial visual culture through his innovative advertising posters, book and magazine illustrations, mass promotional campaigns, ornamental and typographical design, and brand development. This exhibition will present the … +


‘Toma Jankowski: Encrypted’ at Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami

“Encrypted,” an exhibition of works by Toma Jankowski, is on view at Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami through May 11, 2017. The exhibition features mixed media work consisting of small-format drawings or rather, mixed media works on canvas with bold primary colors of backgrounds and ample negative space, filled with symbolist elements drawn in ink, some with elements of collage, and each like an … +


‘Oneironaut’ by Robert Fonfria at The Hue, Miami

The Hue, Miami, is hosting ‘Oneironaut,’ the first exhibition by artist Roberto Fonfria, on view through May 19, 2017. In mixed media works, Fonfria explores the dream world and the psyche of the characters he has created. He delves deeper into their subconscious, bringing out their innermost thoughts, thus helping the viewer build a connection with the characters. Fonfria builds the characters … +


‘MASTERpieces’ at Ascaso Gallery, Miami

“MASTERpieces,” a group show by several artists, is on view at the Ascaso Gallery, Miami through June 2, 2017. Divided into two rooms, the first room of the gallery focuses on the works of Victor Vasarely, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, Alejandro Otero, Victor Valera, Luis Tomasello, Antonio Asis, Dario Perez Flores and Santiago Medina. The second room of the gallery features … +


Natalie White at Bill Brady, Miami

Bill Brady, Miami is hosting “A Muse Me”, an exhibition by Natalie White (b.1988), on view through May 13, 2017. The exhibition marks the debut of New York-based artist Natalie White as a photographer, featuring 14 nude self-portraits created with the iconic 20 x 24-inch Polaroid camera from 1978. White’s practice embraces a cross-generational reverence for late-20th century American art and culture. … +


‘North and South: Berenice Abbott’s U.S. Route 1’ at The Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami

“North and South: Berenice Abbott’s U.S. Route 1,” an exhibition of photos by Berenice Abbott, will be on view at the Wolfsonian–FIU, Miami from June 9 to October 8, 2017. The exhibition will feature a selection of 50 works by Abbott, who in 1954, journeyed along the length of U.S. Route 1, capturing the road, its towns, and inhabitants. This series presents a singular … +


Durban Segnini gallery at Art New York, Pier 94

Durban Segnini Gallery, Miami is showcasing 13 artists at Art New York from May 3 through May 7, 2017 at Pier 94. The gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970 and in 1992, it opened a unit in Miami. It specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, emphasizing on abstract expressionism, abstraction, constructivism and kinetic art. Durban Segnini also strives to … +

Visual Arts

Art Miami presents Art New York on Pier 94

Art Miami is presenting the third edition of Art New York and the second edition of CONTEXT New York at Pier 94 from May 3 through May 7, 2017. The sister art fairs — showcasing artwork from more than 150 galleries representing nearly 1,200 artists from 50 countries — effectively launch the New York Art Week. Art New York provides a fresh alternative for acquiring … +


Rubber Time at Fabien Castanier Gallery

Sat 20 May, 2017 - Sat 15 Jul, 2017

“Rubber Time” refers to an idiom from Indonesia that expresses the tendency for a relaxed and flexible perspective on punctuality and time-keeping. Schoultz and Jenkins apply this concept of “elastic time” to our current societal climate in the United States, seeing the present period as a suspended limbo with troubling unknowns both in the past and in the near future. Their work … +

Visual Arts

Robert Chambers: ‘Iron Oar’ at Emerson Dorsch, Miami

Fri 19 May, 2017 - Sat 8 Jul, 2017

Chambers presents a new installation comprised of a salvaged battleship buoy, repurposed as a massive metal ball, more than 5 feet in diameter. Visitors can push the ball around an ovoid decagon track. Chambers lowers the ball’s center of gravity by partially filling it with oiled BBs. This way, the ball will not tip nor stray from its journey. Eager accomplices, the … +


‘Salty & Fresh’ at Emerson Dosch, Miami

Fri 7 Apr, 2017 - Wed 17 May, 2017

Emerson Dorsch is proud to announce that Paula Wilson will be the gallery’s first visiting artist in the new location at 5900 NW 2nd Ave. Her exhibit, Salty & Fresh, features paintings, a wall installation, a sculpture and a video.  Emerson Dorsch will host an opening reception for the artist and her exhibition on Friday, April 7th, 6-9pm. Wilson’s video, Salty & … +

Visual Arts

‘David Kennedy Cutler, Michael DeLucia, David Scanavino: Under Water’ at Locust Projects

Sat 29 Apr, 2017 - Sat 10 Jun, 2017

Locust Projects is pleased to present Under Water, a collaboration between New York-based artists David Kennedy Cutler, Michael DeLucia and David Scanavino. Their room-scale installation reinterprets a pastoral beach scene across two and three dimensions, with synthetic sun and moon rising over a pixelated ocean. Evoking ambiguities of scale and dimension, the artists tile, wallpaper and construct this environment with CNC-routed forms and computer-generated textures. The project’s … +


Form and Body at The Art Design Project, Miami

Sat 1 Apr, 2017 - Fri 1 Sep, 2017

Horst P. Horst, is ranked alongside Irving Penn and Richard Avedon as one of the last century’s leading photographers. In an extraordinary sixty-year career, Horst’s photographs graced the pages of Vogue and House and Garden. He was renowned as a master of expressive lighting and atmospheric illusion. In the early 1930s Horst moved to Paris – the center of the creative avant-garde … +


‘Synergism: Ekaterina and Victor Khromin’ at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

Thu 23 Mar, 2017 - Sun 21 May, 2017

The exhibition brings together paintings by Victor (1948–2015) and Ekaterina Khromin. Residents of Miami, the Russian-born husband and wife chart an artistic territory quite their own, painting on bas-reliefs that are, in fact, collages of found objects. Their works reveal pioneering approaches to art-making created by the synergy with the technologies of art conservation.  Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami 770 NE … +

Visual Arts

Kelly Breez: Fake News at Locust Projects, Miami

Sat 4 Mar, 2017 - Sat 10 Jun, 2017

FAKE NEWS provokes the uncertainty of news reporting in the post-Trump era. With the dark humor and biting criticism of political cartooning, Breez’ illustrations propagate the scandal and melodrama of the current political moment. In headlines, bylines and caricatures of pundits, politicians and figures from the current presidential administration, the artist approaches political reality as a theater of the absurd. In appropriating … +


John Akomfrah: Tropikos at Pérez Art Museum Miami

Fri 24 Feb, 2017 - Sun 17 Sep, 2017

John Akomfrah: Tropikos presents the artist’s 2016 film Tropikos, which examines the original encounter between European explorers and the people of Africa in the 16th century. This large-scale video installation was filmed in the Tamar Valley and Plymouth, England—a location with significant, if often forgotten, ties to the slave industry: it is where the first British slaving excursion set sail for Africa. … +