Visual Arts

Nina Johnson exhibits R.M. Fischer: Lampworks

Thu 7 Sep, 2017 - Sat 14 Oct, 2017

In Lampworks, Fischer has returned to creating light sculptures, the subject which originally brought his work attention in the 1980’s. The new sculptures pull from decades of working as designer, sculptor, architect and social mediator. Mechano-like metal support structures form the basis of each lamp, around which Fischer wraps, bolts, sews and stretches their vinyl and fabric skins. The elegant, playful skins … +


African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida

Fri 4 Aug, 2017 - Sun 6 Aug, 2017

Set to be an exceptionally high-spirited, family friendly, multi-cultural arts and educational event, Dance Africa Miami features world renowned native African dance artists and professional drummers/musicians. Our diverse and talented local groups representing the Caribbean, United States and Africa. Delou’s Cultural Community Outreach Development (CCOD) will honer Florene Nichols and Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingal, two individuals who have made an impact in the … +


EXILE Books relocates to Little Haiti and is the recipient of a Metabolic Studio grant

Sat 24 Jun, 2017

EXILE Books is thrilled to announce its new Little Haiti storefront location, 5900 NW 2nd Ave between NW 59th Street and NW 59th Terrace. After three years in our cozy Wynwood studio, we can’t wait to share EXILE Books with the community of Little Haiti. Neighboring Emerson Dorsch art gallery, the space will be home to EXILE’s offices and include a public … +


Exile Books Opens Little Haiti Storefront

Sun 6 Aug, 2017

Exile Books has opened a storefront in the heart of Little Haiti. After three years in our cozy Wynwood studio, we can’t wait to share EXILE Books with the community of Little Haiti. Neighboring Emerson Dorsch art gallery, the space will be home to EXILE’s offices and include a public storefront showcasing a curated selection of artist’s books, zines, and print projects … +

Visual Arts

Nina Johnson exhibits Ray Smith Studio

Sat 24 Jun, 2017

Ray Smith Studio is an exhibition organized by Emmett Moore featuring a series of works produced by Ray Smith in his Brooklyn studio between 2007 – 2012. This period in Ray’s career is defined by inclusivity and collaboration, specifically as it relates to a series of works created alongside his then assistants, Nik Gelormino, and brothers Eamon and Keegan Monaghan. Ray Smith’s … +


Little Haiti Book Festival 2018

May 27 and Sunday, May 28, 2017

Miami Book Fair is partnering with Sosyete Koukouy of Miami, Inc., to present the Little Haiti Book Festival on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28, 2017. This book festival, which features two days of vibrant cultural exposure to writers, booksellers, performers, and more, is part of Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean programming. The Little Haiti Book Festival will feature authors from Haiti … +


Little Haiti Book Festival Offers "a Deep Dive Into Haitian Life Through Its Letters"

Sat 27 May, 2017 - Sun 28 May, 2017

Little Haiti Book Festival will feature authors from Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, literary panels and craft talks, workshops for writers, hands-on activities for children, a film screening, a dance workshop, poetry, dance and music performances, and more. The Little Haiti Book Festival relies on the generous support of Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs, the City of Miami and Commissioner Keon Hardemon, the … +


Nicolas Lobo: Cash Me Out at Nina Johnson Gallery

Sat 18 Mar, 2017

Nina Johnson Gallery exhibits carbon fiber and terra-cotta bas-relief works by artist Nicolas Lobo. Each has a rectilinear substrate made of carbon fiber that supports irregularly shaped wads and disks of terra cotta. The disks are marred with the indentations of different types of mechanically produced food: Onion rings, crinkle-cut French fries, M&Ms, breakfast cereal. The wads carry impressions of the interface … +


Nina Johnson Gallery exhibits Anna Betbeze: Hot Fruit

Jan 20 - Mar 4, 2017

Anna Betbeze works out of a storm of color and fur. Fluffy wool carpets become her surfaces with aggression and caress. For years, Betbeze has used the traditional wool rugs to meditate on saturation, volumetric color, touch, pleasure, class, ritual, and value. For her debut exhibition at Nina Johnson, Betbeze will exhibit several large scaled works alongside a new series of works … +


Nina Johnson Gallery exhibits Artist Awol Erizku

Nov 28, 2016 - Jan 14, 2017

Nina Johnson exhibits I Was Going to Call It Your Name But You Didn’t Let Me, Awol Erizku’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Presenting a group of 20 paintings alongside a conceptual sound collage of music and sonic ephemera. Accompanying these works is a mix of pop songs and sound bites from a variety of media. This shifting composition teases out … +


Bhakti Baxter’ First Light at Nina Johnson Gallery

Oct 27 - Nov 26, 2016

First Light brings together the multi-faceted life of Baxter—a sculptor and painter as well as a musician and surfer—with these new works. The exhibition title captures the time with the best conditions to surf, a specific Florida surfing break, and the vision of sunrise over the Atlantic coast. Bhakti Baxter has been a leading figure in the Miami’s contemporary art since the … +


Nina Johnson Gallery: Seth Cameron’ Measure for Measure

Sep 15 - Oct 22, 2016

Nina Johnson’ Measure for Measure it is the gallery’inaugural exhibition under its new moniker, presenting the first painting exhibition of Seth Cameron. There are allusions to Modernism; nods to Newman,Reinhardt, Ryman. And earlier still to Italian surréalistes and French capriccios, German Romanticism and English Metre. Seth Cameron (b. 1982, South Carolina) Seth Cameron studied at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of … +


Gallery Diet exhibits Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Jul 9 - Sep 3, 2016

Wrap Your Arms Around Me is a collaborative exhibition of historic and contemporary children’s furniture and design presented along with New York City’s kinder MODERN. The exhibition examines the ways in which children are both literally and metaphorically embraced, contained, and surrounded by the objects and people they encounter. Contemporary design by acclaimed international designers Katie Stout (USA), Chen & Kai (USA), … +


Emmett Moore: Fracture at Gallery Diet

May 12 - Jun 25, 2016

Gallery Diet is proud to announce Fracture by artist Emmett Moore. On display sculptures and panels that reference Moore’s design practice and the formal qualities of modernist and Minimalist sculpture, while taking visual cues from Miami’s environs. The show expands Moore’s scope as it finds him focusing on architecture in addition to the design objects he is best known for, looking at … +


Jonas Mekas: Let Me Introduce Myself Exhibition at Gallery Diet

Mar 25 - Apr 30, 2016

Let Me Introduce Myself is the Miami debut of seminal artist, filmmaker, and poet Jonas Mekas. This exhibition brings together three series of images as well as a four-channel film work, all attesting to Mekas’ lasting conversation with American popular culture and ideology. Jonas Mekas was born in Lithuania (1922) He lives and works in New York. After being imprisoned by the … +


Gallery Diet exhibits In the Flesh, Part II: Potential Adaptations

Through Mar 12, 2016

Gallery Diet is pleased to present In the Flesh, Part II: Potential Adaptations, a group exhibition curated by Courtney Malick. This exhibition features artists Ivana Basic, Hannah Black, Megan Daalder, Cécile B. Evans, and Martha Friedman. In the Flesh, Part ll presents artists whose work envisions the long term effects that the continuous ingestion of those “subliminal substances” may have on how … +


Symbols of Freedom: The Power of Revolution at Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Feb 1 – Mar 16, 2016

The exhibition Symbols of Freedom: The Power of Revolution, curated by Marie Vickles, features the work of Haitian visual artist Florestal Evens. It explores the rich history and significance of the Vèvè symbols as catalytic elements of the Haitian Revolution and subsequent establishment of the first free Black state in the New World founded by self-liberated African slaves. Little Haiti Cultural Complex … +


I Like Blue by Ann Craven at Gallery Diet

Nov 30, 2015 - Jan 9, 2016

I Like Blue, is an exhibition of new paintings by the artist Ann Craven that comes with the histories of landscape painting and conceptual art, and with the passage of time itself.The exhibition continues Craven’s exploration of painting as an index of our lived experience. The artist starts her work in a place and then remakes them and complete them in another … +


First Outdoor-Design Exhibition at Gallery Diet

Nov 6, 2015 - Jan 9, 2016

Gallery Diet is pleased to announce Trees in Oolite, the inaugural design show in the courtyard of its new space. The first outdoor-design exhibition in the gallery’s history, eight designers and artists present an assortment of outdoor furniture, lighting, and design elements. Set within a Floridian landscape that includes mango, oak, and avocado trees, these objects complement the subtropical flora with a … +

Visual Arts

Ezra Johnson:Cut Rate Paradise: Mindy Solomon Gallery

Dec 19, 2015 - Jan 30, 2016

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present ‘Cut Rate Paradise,’ a new exhibition of paintings by Ezra Johnson. The artist shares an appreciation for the abandoned and neglected. With a sense of vision and sensitivity, they create works of art that galvanize an investigation of the unornamented as art.  ‘Cut Rate Paradise’ will be on view December 19th, 2015 – January 30th, 2016 at … +


Gallery Diet inaugurates new space with Nicolas Lobo’s A Modulor Broth

Nov 6 - 25, 2015

Gallery Diet is pleased to present the inaugural exhibition in its new space, Nicolas Lobo’s A Modulor Broth. In the gallery, a series of six-foot-tall panels manipulate the parameters of Le Corbusier’s Modulor Man to reconsider how the human form’s material tolerances quantify both industrial and personal space in ways unimaginable at the start of Modernism. Nicolas Lobo was born in Los … +


Project Space exhibits Juana Valdes at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Oct 23- Dec 11, 2015

“An Inherent View of the World” is an exhibition by Juana Valdes as a part of Project Space. Here the artist creates a lavish, almost baroque accumulation of items which often get relegated to the discard pile when people are in the process of de-accessioning the so-called “dust collectors” of their past. Objects that usually don’t belong in the next phase of … +


Mindy Solomon Gallery exhibits The Way We See It

Oct 23- Dec 11, 2015

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present “The Way We See It” on its new location in Little River. The exhibition of photography by Scot Sothern and Muir Vidler exemplify the photographer as observer and reporter by choosing subjects that are authentic,lives that exist in instances outside of the cultural mainstream, finding comfort in neighborhoods and communities where individuality can be embraced. … +

Visual Arts

Alejandro Contreras: This Wasn’t What We Asked For at Mindy Solomon Gallery

October 12 -16, 2015. Front Gallery

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present Alejandro Contreras’s large format abstract mixed media work ‘This Wasn’t What We Asked For,’ mounted in the venue’s Project Space.  An Opening Reception with the artists will take place Saturday, September 12th, from 6-9pm; the exhibition is on view through October 16th. In ‘This Wasn’t What We Asked For,’ Alejandro Contreras presents large format prisma color … +