AN INTIMATE EVENING OF BALLET: Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami at SMDCAC

Wed 1 Mar, 2017

Enjoy an intimate dance experience with the electric artists of Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami as they team up with three generations of local Latin American choreographers and literally “stretch” their own limits. Choreography by Yanis Pikieris, Douglas Gawriljuk, and Ariel Rose (courtesy of Miami City Ballet), including insightful commentary on the evolving creative process by each of the choreographers. South Miami … +


Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami presents BETWEEN HAVANA AND HEAVEN

Tue 1 Nov, 2016

Former stars of the Miami City Ballet, Jennifer Kronenberg & Carlos Guerra bring their new company to the stage in an evening of excitingly diverse ballet infused with live music. Showcasing various styles and reflecting Cuban rhytms & Culture, the program will have the audience dancing in their seats! Miami-Dade County Auditorium 2901 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135 (305) 547-5414


World Premiere of Writing in Sand by Carlos Caballero

Nov 21st and 22nd, 8:30 pm

Writing in Sand is a multidisciplinary stage production directed by Carlos Caballero, featuring actress Mabel Roch, choreographer and dancer Lucia Aratanha, musician Inez Barlatier, and the writing of Griselda Ortíz. The work opens a dialogue that explores themes of displacement, immigration, trauma, personal crisis, and assimilation as a mirror of Miami itself. Three female performers – one Cuban, one Brazilian and one … +