Visual Arts

Locust Projects exhibits Laura Marsh’ New Havens immersive installation

Through Fri Jun 8, 2018

Locust Projects is pleased to present New Havens, an immersive installation series about artist-centered placemaking by Miami-based artist Laura Marsh. The exhibition is comprised of three mini-installations situated within the Project Room, providing a village of interactive experiences connected together by Marsh’s passion to create spaces that artists can exist within. The installation will act as an incubator for happenings and dialogues … +

Visual Arts

Franky Cruz: Viverium Meconium at Locust Projects

Through Sat 7 Oct, 2017

Locust Projects presents Viverium Meconium, an indoor butterfly nursery by Miami-based artist Franky Cruz. In a practice that borrows from plant cultivation and native-species conservation, Cruz dons the hat of hobbyist entomologist and cultivates butterflies–from egg to chrysalis to hatchling–during his eight-week residency at Locust Projects. Cruz raises the butterflies with the diligence of scientific methodology and the nurturing of someone who … +


Double Vision at The Wolfsonian

Fri 6 Oct, 2017 - Sun 1 Apr, 2018

Graphic design helps establish a visual identity—a brand—for a client. At the same time, it can express the designer’s individual creativity. To explore this dual nature of graphic identity, Vienna-based design studio Seite Zwei transforms The Wolfsonian’s façade and lobby with typefaces, abstract forms, and color schemes derived from the work of Julius Klinger, one of the pioneering graphic artists of the … +

Visual Arts

R & R STUDIOS FLOWER POWER, 2017 Site-specific intervention

Fri 8 Sep, 2017 - Fri 15 Dec, 2017

Fringe Projects is pleased to present FLOWER POWER, a monumental site-specific installation in Miami’s downtown by Miami-based collective R & R Studios. Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt of R & R Studios are among Miami’s most internationally celebrated interdisciplinary practitioners connecting art, architecture, and design. FLOWER POWER appropriates the form and function of a flag by inhabiting one of the largest existing … +

Visual Arts

American Fantasy Classic: Hex Link site-specific intervention

Fri 8 Sep, 2017 - Wed 31 Jan, 2018

Fringe Projects is pleased to announce the forthcoming temporary public art commission HEX LINK by American Fantasy Classics, a Milwaukee-based artist collaborative. HEX LINK is an interactive sculpture and sound based work that is an extension of American Fantasy Classics’ toll free interactive phone line/sound art gallery, 1-844-HEX-LINK, a digital space where the artists craft collaborative sound based exhibitions, accessible anytime by … +

Visual Arts

HEW LOCKE Reversal of Fortune, 2017 Site-specific installation

Fri 8 Sep, 2017 - Wed 31 Jan, 2018

Fringe Projects is pleased to present Reversal of Fortune by London-based and internationally celebrated artist Hew Locke, a site-specific installation embodying the history and global movement of money, power and ownership. In his work, Locke often addresses historical and economic cycles. Since the financial crash of 2008, Locke has been acquiring original antique share certificates and applying paint to their surfaces. Share … +