The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Miami Beach Cinematheque August 10th, 2007. 8:30 p.m.Featuring Bruno S., Walter Ladengast and Brigitte Mira, this film is based on a bizarre 19th century true story, with fiction and reality blurring as in all Werner Herzog films, once again the story focuses on a man out of tune with his environment. A young man is released from the sixteen – year mysterious imprisonment that left him totally unable to communicate in the outer world. The Nuremberg townspeople take an immediate interest in the novelty placed among them, and Kaspar is studied, “adopted”, made a cause celebre, and “educated”. In Herzog’s eyes, the real freaks are the ones who have been corrupted by society or who corrupt society, and Kaspar is “full of basic uncontaminated human dignity”. The German title reveals a bit more about the all-powerful effect of nature over the entire fable-like scenario: “Every Man For Himself, and God Against All.” The film has won the Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, FIPRESCI Prize, Ecumenical Jury Prize and Best Production Design German Film Awards. For more information, please call: 305.673.4567

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