Tony Tango, an Independent Feature Film made in Miami

Sept 2010.

altAn independent feature film entitled Tony Tango from 1337 Productions is taking advantage of the new Florida Film and Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program to shoot entirely in and around Miami using local talent and crew almost exclusively. The production capitalized on new technology innovations by hosting an all-online casting of the film, which invited actors to upload casting tapes using their Facebook Fan Page as the portal.

Over 5,200 submissions were received and 24 of the film’s supporting roles were cast via this method. The production has also launched an expansive international online marketing campaign including a YouTube page that receives over a thousand hits per day, featuring a movie teaser and short bonus clips spoofing the most successful YouTube virals.

Tony Tango gives us a satirical glimpse into the quirky life of Tony, a Latin ballroom dancer with a big belly and an even bigger dream: to use his dance moves to make the world a sexier place. Executive Producers and Co-stars, Maxx Maulion and Andres De Oliveira, brought the film back to their South Florida roots to give the world a great big belly laugh and bring Miami flavor to theaters in a unique and personal way. Maxx Maulion says, “It starts with the cheeky Cuban accent impersonations and then you’re hooked. Now, even crewmembers are growing out their Moustache. Tony is contagious.”

Maulion, who plays the lead role of Tony Tango, endured three months of intensive dance choreography to be on the level of co-stars and award-winning dancers Sergia Louise Anderson, Jerry Perez, and Christine Lopez. The film also stars veteran actor Antoni Corone as Machete Sam. Corone’s latest work includes his roles as Michael Solo in We Own the Night, Sergeant Burke in Reservation Road, and Colonel Lyons in Green Zone.

All aspects of production have been geared towards the Tony Tango audience, from the daily viral blogs filmed on set, to funding part of the film through the crowd-sourcing website KickStarter, to holding open shooting days where Miamians are invited to watch the behind-the-scenes action and play as extras in the film.

New York-based director Manolo Celi, who began his career in Miami as a commercial director, is proud to be making Tony Tango in South
Florida. “Its so great to be back where I got my start. Miami is the perfect place to make this film. The abundance of incredible locations is a dream, and I have been blown away by the talent.”

Word of mouth about the production has quickly spread through South Florida’s burgeoning local film community, piquing the interest of Borscht Film Festival’s Milton Garcia. “This is the sort of project that Miami needs – a homegrown story that is being created at a highly professional level with aspirations of reaching a global audience,” he says. The film Tony Tango is set for a nationwide release on April 1st, 2011.

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