Travelogue. Guerra de la Paz.

Artane Gallery. Istanbul. Turkey. From Oct 1st through Oct 31st, 2009

Artane Gallery  is presenting Travelogue, an exhibition by Miami’s collaborative Guerra de la Paz.  Composed by Alain Guerra and Neraldo De La Paz, the duet has worked together for the past 11 years exhibiting their work internationally. Travelogue includes sculptures, installations and their latest series of photographs.

“Travelogue is an autobiographical journey into our psyche via the photo-documentation of environments and experiences in our travel history during the last two years,” says Guerra de la Paz. “We refer to our personal archive of snapshots as a raw material to create digital décollages that metaphorically serve as a testament to what may at times have felt like a contemporary nomadic existence. These photos capture the visual stimulation in a heightened sense of awareness that the unfamiliarity of our surroundings provide while influencing our memory of people, places and things.”

“We construct to deconstruct – turning realism into abstraction through a process of layering and superimposing imagery, allowing us to bring forth chosen images as longer lasting impressions, while others fade into background – as most memories do with the passing of time. Insinuating a visual dialogue that explores how information is recorded and stored in our minds. A montage of recollections where clear detail coexists with faded nuances.”

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