MAG Magazine 09




  • A Delicate Balance. Richard Butler and Midori Harima at Kevin Bruk Gallery
  • What’s up with CANDO?.
  • Jorge Luis Prats. True Interpreter
  • 2007 Miami Beach Dance Festival
  • Filtro: A Photo Space
  • Screenshots. Arturo Cuenca. Thisn’t Havana series.
  • Wolfsonian Museum. Art in Revolution: From Avant- Garde to Socialist Realism in Stalin’s Russia.
  • Frost Art Museum. BFA Spring 2007 Exhibition
  • Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Make Your Own Life: Artists In and Out of Cologne.
  • “Still” Life… Not Exactly. Photographs by Count Dimitri Tolstoï at Art Rouge Gallery
  • The South Florida Theatre Festival 2007
  • Listings