MAG Magazine 23




  • Years of ArtCenter / South Florida.
  • An Uneven Floor. Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova.
  • Arteaméricas 00. Renowned and Renewed.
  • Miami Jazz Jam. We’re jammin’… the way it should be.
  • Screenshot. Pablo Cano.
  • Bass Museum of Art. Mika Tajima.
  • The Wolfsonian Museum – FIU. Women’s Work / Men’s Work: Labor and Gender in America.
  • Lowe Art Museum. Cuba Avant-Garde: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Farber Collection.
  • The Frost Art Museum.
  • Taiwan Discovered: In Place and Time.
  • Miami Art Museum. Carlos Cruz Diez.
  • The Historical Museum of Southern Florida.
  • Crime in Miami.
  • MOCA North Miami. Cory Arcangel and Ceal Floyer.
  • Abracadabra: Third Annual Fundraising
  • Exhibition and Raffle.
  • RadioBoxer.
  • Calix Gustav Gallery.
  • Pablo Contrisciani’s Synthesis.
  • My Life Unedited.
  • Gables Gallery Night.
  • Listings