Visual Arts

Jillian Mayer’s CURRENT YEAR at David Castillo Gallery

Through April 2, 2022

URRENT YEAR meditates on the state of the present as a landscape that is created, transmitted, and understood through lenses and screens. In this exhibition, Mayer presents glass across a diversity of sculptural contexts—as irregularly-shaped, multi-colored panes suspended from the gallery’s ceiling, the walls, and from metal and fiberglass objects—to address its intrinsic vulnerabilities and contradictions, its ubiquity and evolution as a … +

Visual Arts

New Contemporary Art Gallery opens in Wynwood : Coral Contemporary

Thu Oct 24, 2019

Coral Contemporary is a new art gallery based in Miami, Florida. Founded by Isabel Tassara, the gallery specializes in the exhibition and sale of contemporary art and consulting services. Collectors and art aficionados are invited to its Grand Opening, happening on Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 6 PM. The gallery program will include exhibitions, Artist Talks, discussion panels and gallery lectures all … +