Visual Arts

Kinetic Masterpieces at Ascaso Gallery
Thu Sep 19, 2019

Kinetic art is one of the major artistic trends, which browses all throughout the XXth Century and still demonstrates itself vigorously today. Its development occurred in the 1950s in France, mainly through the works of painters from various horizons, but all claiming their attachment to Abstraction and concerned with the questions of forms and perceptions.  The first, Victor Vasarely, a Frenchman originally … +


‘MASTERpieces’ at Ascaso Gallery, Miami

“MASTERpieces,” a group show by several artists, is on view at the Ascaso Gallery, Miami through June 2, 2017. Divided into two rooms, the first room of the gallery focuses on the works of Victor Vasarely, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, Alejandro Otero, Victor Valera, Luis Tomasello, Antonio Asis, Dario Perez Flores and Santiago Medina. The second room of the gallery features … +