Miami’s International Physically Integrated Dance Festival and Conference​
Fri Sep 27 - Wed Aug 28, 2019

Produced by Karen Peterson and Dancers, the festival is one of the first festivals and conferences anywhere in the world showcasing groundbreaking physically integrated dance companies and choreography. This groundbreaking contemporary dance form – inclusive of those with and without disabilities, on stage, and in the audience – challenges artistic and societal perceptions of what defines physical beauty, and beautiful movement. Forward … +


Vienna comes to Miami in 
Karen Peterson & Dancer’s “Scrutiny”

May 11 & 12 at Miami-Dade County Auditorium

International Mixed Ability Dance Collaboration with Austria’s LizArt Productions What makes a person or object physically beautiful? How do our ideas of what makes compelling contemporary dance change when people with disabilities are fully included on stage? Together, Miami’s Karen Peterson and Dancers (KPD) and Austria’s LizArt Productions (LAP) dive into these questions, and address the state of the world today, in … +