Visual Arts

Miami Institute of Photography: Saving a Life
Through Sat Aug 3, 2019

The Miami Institute of Photography presents Miquel Salom’s “Saving a Life”. Photographer Miquel Salom is the first Spanish artist to use ‘Wet Plate Collodion’ technique for philanthropic purposes. Miquel often partners with international and local foundations pro humanity. In this opportunity he associates with the Más is More Foundation, presided by Venezuelan artist, Rayma Suprani. A selection of these unique images will be … +


Light Painting Workshop – Miami Institute of Photography

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture beautiful light infused and mysterious images? Our newly designed Painting with light workshop will guide you through different technics that will allow you to have a very unique and artistic approach to photography and the use of light. Let’s find your view together! Dates: Nov 29 – 6:30 – 9:30 Instructor: Matt Stock Requirements: A … +


Film Photography II – Black-and-White – Miami Institute of Photography

This intermediate course is intended for anyone wishing to expand their basic skills in black-and-white photography. Through extensive use of the darkroom, you will learn the skills necessary to enhance your black-and-white developing and printing techniques while also exploring different photo papers and developers. Each student will be expected to create a series of images that demonstrate conceptual and aesthetic connectivity. Dates: Classes will … +


The fine art nude

A powerful workshop dedicated to study the human figure and how to produce creative images, where concepts, composition and lighting will lead the way to obtain meaningful images. Models, Make Up, Styling and Props will be provided, so each participant can visually approach the body from his /her own vision and perspective. Two 6 hours sessions. Dates: To Be Announced Instructor: Jorge Parra … +