Xaviera Simmons exhibit solo at David Castillo Gallery

April 22 - July 3, 2021

David Castillo presents In the dim light pressing deeply against each other: Xaviera Simmons’ seventh solo exhibition with the gallery. The show features a new body of text and color field paintings by the artist. In a cinematic treatment of the sensual relationships between feeling, perception, and language, Simmons’ paintings evoke the pleasures of landscapes in their natural, manmade, and abstracted forms. … +

Visual Arts

Xaviera Simmons: Sundown at David Castillo Gallery

Sat Nov 17, 2018

Sundown, Xaviera Simmons’ fifth solo exhibition with the gallery features all new text paintings, photography, and sculpture. The works assembled in Sundown draw from the multitude of threads which form the foundations of the contemporary American narrative- slavery, colonial America, the Antebellum South, the Jim Crow era, Black reconstruction, Black migration, and the Civil Rights era. Simmons engages with historical imagery, layering … +