Call for Artists and Educators – de la Cruz Collection – 2019 Summer Workshop Series

Dear Artists and Educators,

You are invited to submit your proposals for the de la Cruz Collection’s 2019 SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES. 

The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, April 30th, 2019.

Submit by e-mail to: [email protected]
E-mail Subject: SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2019 

Selected proposals detail curriculums which not only support contemporary art practices, but have practical applications for the professional enrichment of young students while encouraging creativity.

All summer workshops are free to participating students, and everyone is welcome to sign-up! 

Workshops should focus on skills associated with painting, drawing, sculpture, computer-based practices, digital photography, video & audio editing, animation, or coding. Your curriculum should emphasis a particular age group. 

Please note that our SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES takes place during the month of July. Selected participants will be notified and courses scheduled according to their timelines. Your class must be organized to run for no less then 3 and no more then 10 days, depending upon the project your students will be focusing on. 

All instructors will be compensated and production costs will be covered by the de la Cruz Collection. Please include a budget for consideration. 
We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Looking for ideas? Check out some of our past workshops!

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