Family Portrait: A Memoir of a Jewish Family during the Holocaust

Jewish Museum of Florida. Nov 7th, 2010. 2:00 p.m.

altOn Sunday, November 7th, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., Ann Helen Wainer will reveal how an old faded photograph prompted her to rescue the memories of her family’s plight during and after the Holocaust. Wainer will share stories of her journey of discovery that led her to learn more about the people in the photograph, and ultimately, about herself.

Ann Helen Wainer’s family, the Kuperwassers, lived in Poland during Hitler’s rise to power and cautiously watched the events unfold in Nazi Germany. Like other Jewish families at the time, they faced an uncertain future. On the eve of the Holocaust, her grandfather gathered his clan for a family portrait. Amazingly, the photograph survived, as did the story of the Kuperwassers.

In this extraordinary memoir, Wainer reconstructs her family’s story through extensive research and countless interviews. The book is a two-fold picture. It is an image, frozen in time, of her extended family. And it is also the starting point from which Wainer begins to uncover the saga of her ancestors. Her discovery will spark memories for every Jewish family whose origins trace back to Europe during World War II.  

The Museum is presenting this program in preparation for an exhibit in September 2011 on Wooden Synagogues in Poland and Polish Jews who settled in Florida. We are currently collecting the stories, photographs and artifacts of Floridian Jews or their ancestors, such as Ann Helen Wainer’s, who came from Poland. If you or someone you know has materials for the exhibit, please contact the Museum immediately (786-972-3167 or registrar@ so that they may include your story.

Ann Helen Wainer is an attorney, legal scholar, and noted lecturer on environmental law in Brazil. She holds a master’s degree in religious studies and has conducted extensive research at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She was an Association for Religion and Intellectual Life (ARIL)/ Cross Currents Coolidge Fellow in 2006. Wainer and her family live in Aventura, FL.

The program is free for members and free with paid Museum admission for non-members. Admission: Adults/$6; Seniors/$5; Families/$12; children under 6/Always Free. Reservations: 786-972-3175 or [email protected]. Walk-ins welcome.

Jewish Museum of Florida
301 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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