Meet the author Stephen Olvey

Books and Books. June 13th, 2009. 7:00 p.m.

Stephen Olvey will be discussing and signing his book The Man Who Would Not Die at Books and Books Coral Gables. Herschel McKee’s remarkable life story reads like that of a comic-book hero. A daredevil, a leader of men and, above all, a survivor, McKee fought in both World Wars, suffering numerous skirmishes with death.

His colorful life included spells as a Foreign Legion soldier, fighter-pilot ace with the elite Lafayette Flying Corps, prisoner-of-war escapee, racecar driver, WWII bomber-wing commander and test pilot. His amazing resilience led to him being nicknamed ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ while he was still alive. Written in a lively, engaging style, here is the true story of an extraordinary man.

Dr. Stephen Olvey is the son-in-law of Linda McKee, Herschel’s only child. He wrote the remarkable biography of Herschel McKee based on newspaper clippings, family photos, family talk and extensive research. He writes: “We have all enjoyed movies about famous war heroes, daring risk-takers and covert operatives. Herschel McKee was all three. He survived the trenches of World War One. Bullets and bombs didn’t kill him during World War Two. Airplane, motorcycle and car crashes didn’t kill him, and neither did the Chinese. He truly was the man who wouldn’t die.”

Dr. Olvey is a world-renowned physician in the field of auto racing accidents. For years he was one of the leaders on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway safety team treating injured drivers and creating safety devices that have saved numerous lives including the book’s foreword author Alex Zandari.

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