MAG Magazine 10




  • Tigertail Productions
  • The Material World. The Material Mechanic: Swimming with Sharks. Ralph Provisero at Dorsch Gallery
  • Optic Nerve IX. Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
  • New Media Festival 07. Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
  • Small Screen, Big Stage. Miami’s art community got reality TV!
  • Screenshots. Kathy Kissik. Chaos in London series.
  • Miami Art Museum. Tamayo: A Modern Icon Reinterpreted
  • Wolfsonian Museum – FIU. Agitated Images: John Heartfield & German Photomontage. 1920-1938
  • Lowe Art Museum. Material Terrain: A sculptural exploration of landscape and place
  • Ballet Gamonet. New Season
  • Long Life’s Journey into Pause: A Review about “Chejovianas”. Abanico Theatre.
  • A Real Story, a Fairy Crime and a Few Archetypes. Rubén Torres Llorca and Liliam Domínguez at CCE Miami
  • Listings