MAG Magazine 04




  • Heads above the Rest. 2006 Miami International Film Festival.
  • Gabriel. Painting Miami.
  • Miami Mosaics. Interview with Rosa Sugrañes
  • 18th Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival. 3
  • Screenshots. Business Tips. Camera phone works.
  • JAMA. Geometry in Motion.
  • Easy to Build. Ruben Torres-Llorca at Frost Art Museum at FIU.
  • Reflex. Vick Muniz Retrospective at MAM
  • The Art of Painting. Malcom Morley at MoCA.
  • Ambrosino Gallery. The gallery that never sleeps.
  • Art Expressions… By the Bay.
  • Bakehouse Art Complex. And you thought you brought it with you…
  • Listings.