Visual Arts

Audiotheque 2.0 at ArtCenter/South Florida
Thu Sep 13, 2018 - Sat Dec 15, 2018

In December 2017, SFCA [isaw+subtropics] received a Knight Arts Challenge matching grant to produce AUDIOTHEQUE 2.0.  Knight Foundation chose the project as a catalyst for the advancement of experimental music and sound art in our community. Audiotheque 2.0 features a 30-channel sound system, a new order of sound art installation environment created by artist Gustavo Matamoros. This new multi-channel sound system is organized … +


Deadline Sep 7, 2018 for ArtCenter/South Florida 2019 Studio Residency
Through Fri Sep 7, 2018

ArtCenter/South Florida 2019 Studio Residency Program offers studio spaces at our Miami Beach location for exceptional visual artists, curators, and cultural practitioners working in a range of disciplines. In addition to engaging with a community of artists, renowned curators, arts professionals, and institutional partners in Miami, ArtCenter Residents are provided the space from which to develop their practice and are invited to … +

Visual Arts

Deana Haggag from United States Artists in a Locust Projects Talks
Wed Sep 12, 2018

At USA, Haggag leads the organization’s national fellowship program for innovative artists. Prior to joining the organization in February 2017, she was executive director of The Contemporary, a nomadic and non-collecting art museum in Baltimore. In addition to her leadership roles, Haggag lectures extensively and has taught at institutions such as Towson University and Johns Hopkins University. She is on the boards … +

Visual Arts

ArtCenter/South Florida: 1st Residency Art in Public Life
Through Wed May 1, 2019

ArtCenter/South Florida and the City of Miami Beach have named their first Art in Public Life resident, who will provide a fresh perspective in helping the city address the challenge of sea level rise and improve its overall resiliency. Our first Art in Public Life resident, Misael Soto, will provide that perspective, spending a year embedded in the city to both develop … +

Visual Arts

Blue Fades To Brown Fades To Violet by artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez at ArtCenter/South Florida
Through Sun 3 Jun, 2018

Alette Simmons-Jimenez’s work is motivated by the dynamic relationships between shapes, form, and color resulting from a spontaneous integration of the known and the unknown. Beginning with layering, overlapping, and binding things together, Simmons-Jimenez then physically tears her work apart to see what abstractions are revealed. Her approach uses the traditional elements of color, composition, line, and form to consider human vulnerability … +

Visual Arts

Group Exhibition “Between a view and a milestone” at ArtCenter Miami Beach
Sat Apr 28, 2018 - Sun Jul 8, 2018

Between a view and a milestone presents works by ArtCenter/South Florida’s studio residents that offer contemplative meditations on place. While place can imply a certain level of geographic specificity, determining placehood can be difficult and requires certain physical and intangible elements to make it so. The exhibition’s title refers to a visual device used in landscape painting, in which the painter includes … +

Visual Arts

Still Lives by artist Kristen Thiele at ArtCenter/South Florida
Through Mon May 28, 2018

In Still Lives, Kristen Thiele’s paintings reflect on isolation, ambiguity, and the space between action and reaction. Her imagery derived from classic films of the 1930’s to the 1950’s resonate with what is fleeting, missing, and unattainable through their opulence and escapism. The repetition of crowds and close-ups in her paintings are indexes for the ignored places between the deliberate and the … +

Visual Arts

 A.S.T. (Alliance of the Southern Triangle)
 exhibits at ArtCenter/South Florida
Through Sun 8 Apr, 2018

Intertidal offers a multi-disciplinary experience of what Miami might look like as the seas continue to rise. Visitors will be immersed in a series of newly commissioned videos, audio and wall drawings by A.S.T. This exhibit imagines Miami as an intertidal zone, an area above water at low tide, yet flooded at high tide. How could Miami adapt to live with water? … +


ArtCenter/South Florida holds XXIV Subtropics Festival
Wed 12 Jul, 2017 - Sat 22 Jul, 2017

The 24th edition of Subtropics, Miami’s experimental biennial of music and sound art, aims to nurture the act of attentive listening with a summer festival featuring live concerts, sound art installations, workshops and films as well as the classic Subtropics Marathon concert. This year’s festival will feature live performances by Olivia Block, John Driscoll, Richard Garet, Barbara Held, Gustavo Matamoros, Abbey Rader … +

Visual Arts

Climate Sync at ArtCenter/South Florida
Fri 12 May, 2017

Climate Sync by artist Tom Scicluna is part of SEA LEVEL RISE: a series of site-specific temporary public art interventions exploring the topic of rising seas and its impact in South Florida. Climate Sync is an inverted yet fully operational alternating time and temperature display unit which critically invokes geographic, social and economic conditions at play concerning the given South Florida environment. … +


ArtCenter South Florida exhibits Parafiction
Fri 21 Apr, 2017

This group exhibition features resident artists from the MFU: New York Studio & Teaching Program. The interdisciplinary show includes works created by the artists Nina Behrle, Jesse Chun, Kentaro Ikegami, Pastiche Lumumba and Andrew Ross. Parafiction is loosely defined by art historian Carrie Lambert-Beatty as an emergent genre of artwork that plays between fact and fiction. In a climate of “alternative facts” … +


FORUM | RECESS: Art, Pedagogy & The Social Sphere
March 22 & 23, 2017

Organized by ArtCenter/South Florida and hosted by Pérez Art Museum Miami Over the past year ArtCenter/South Florida has convened a series of meetings with curators, artists, gallerists, educators, and cultural leaders from within and outside of Miami to think together about the role of education in forming and reshaping the institutions that we occupy. The questions asked and the lessons learned are … +