Unlimited Devotion plays Grateful Dead at Wynwood Yard

Tue Aug 1, 2017

Unlimited Devotion sets up a revival concert  of  The Grateful Dead, so called  “most American of all bands.” The group will celebrate Jerry Garcia — Dead guitarist, renowned legend, and one of the most celebrated Latin American musicians — at what would have been Garcia’s 75th birthday.  The concert will include songs like “That’s It for the Other One”  which presents an opportunity to deconstruct, explore, and  reconstitute the songs harmonically, rhythmically, and texturally.

Unlimited Devotion was founded in Florida by Al Zilinsky in 2012. Its current lineup includes guitarist Jon Zias, drummer/lead vocalist Dan DeGregory, keyboardist Reverend Funky D, and bassist Joe Falconeri.


Wynwood Yard

56 NW 29th St.,

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 351-0366


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