A Passion for Italy by The Symphonia

Jan 5, 2020, 3 PM

Orchestral works that turn our attention to the beauty and romance of Italy.

The program opens with the whimsical Suite for Lower Strings, by Brazilian American composer Clarice Assad. It adds new twists to familiar music by Bach, in which the main melodies are played by the lower strings for a change.

Then the attention shifts to the Italian peninsula. The Haydn concerto was written for the Italian violinist Luigi Tomasini (1741-1808), the master musician who led Hungarian Prince Esterházy’s court orchestra, which Haydn directed.

Finally, Mendelssohn’s beloved Symphony No. 4 is based on his impressions of Italy, which he toured from Milan to Naples. The composer’s excitement for the country is palpable in the piece, and you may find it hard not to rush right out and book your next vacation for Italy.


Suite for Lower Strings
Concerto for Violin in C
Symphony No. 4

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