Amereida in Concert

Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club June 19th, 2007Hailing from Venezuela and Jamaica respectively, flautist, reedist, composer and producer Jorge Guzmán and vocalist, songwriter and flautist Stephanie Mair combine their vibrant talents to create the singular poly-ethnic sound of Amereida. Guzmán, Amereida’s leader, is one of South America’s premier flute players. Aside from performing, however, his musical experiences encompass diverse fields such as composing in a variety of genres, producing records as well as events, and all aspects of sound engineering. Stephanie Mair, the soulful voice of Amereida is an energetic and captivating performer, singer, as well as a prolific songwriter. Several means of artistic expression braced the fascinating personality of Mair since her childhood. Amereida’s music is a reflection of current social and artistic tendencies that will stay with us for the foreseen future thus their contemporary symbiosis of both primitive and futuristic sounds. Thus, vital jazz is both link and catalyst between ethnicity and turntabling so to speak. Amereida is a musical gate that opens into the oneness of the human being, as Amereida doesn’t suffer aesthetic fears or prejudices. The world is its larder and therein lies much of Amereida’s cosmopolitan appeal regardless of ethnicity, gender or even age as an average Amereida performance is decked out by people representing enviable demographics. For more information, please call: 305.403.7565

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