Arts and culture generated more than $400 million in Broward in fiscal 2015

According to the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report released this month, arts and cultural organizations and audiences generated a total of $414,232,820 in the 2015 fiscal year for Broward County. The 11,078 full-time jobs generated total wages of $268,867,000 for Broward residents, as well as a combined $40.1 million in taxes, fees and development funds for local and state government.

The study focused on nonprofit arts and cultural groups such as museums, symphonies, operas, ballet and dance troupes and historical societies.

“The data is clear,” Broward Cultural Division director Earl Bosworth said in a statement. “The arts are not a charity; they are an industry. While they support a quality of life that we all know and appreciate, the arts are also a significant economic driver in Broward County.”

Arts are even bigger revenue generators in Miami-Dade. The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs estimates nonprofit arts and cultural organizations have an annual economic impact of more than $1 billion and create 29,792 full-time jobs, with $953.5 million in household income to local residents.

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