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Nov 12, 2011.

Atelier 1022 Studio and Fine Art Gallery in the Wynwood Art District announces the one-night-only special book launch event “LITERĂ” on November 12, 2011, an evening dedicated to Miami’s up-and-coming independent and first-time authors, with a program of readings, book signings, and art instillations inspired by the written word.

Headlining the event is Resident Artist and Atelier 1022 Partner Ellie Perla, who will introduce her highly anticipated children’s books, Altavarania and Papook. Her original illustrations for these books will also be on special display. Ellie Perla’s elaborate and enchanting pencil drawings have served as an iconic feature of the Atelier 1022 Gallery since its inception. LITERĂ will also see the book launch of David Rolland’s debut novel Deadbeat – a noir thriller set against the sultry backdrop of South Florida. In addition, author Carola Perla will unveil ‘Off the Page’, a new art instillation inspired by her historic novel Gibbin House, which debuted at the gallery in May 2011. Presentations will begin at 8:00 p.m. Atelier 1022 will be open to the public on November 12th, 2011, for the Wynwood Art Walk, from 6 – 11 p.m.

“As both a novelist and gallery owner, I am thrilled to bring a multi-media event like LITERĂ to Atelier 1022, particularly on the eve of the upcoming 2011 Miami Book Fair International. From the onset, Atelier 1022’s resident artists and partners have aimed to create not just a visual art studio and gallery, but to build a community space that supports grass-roots efforts in every artistic field. We are extremely proud to be able to provide first-time authors a forum in which to present their extraordinary work, and intend on continuing this tradition far into the future with self-published book launches, independent film screenings, and local music acts,” says Gallerist Carola Perla.

Altavarania by Ellie Perla

Three unusual friends journey to distant lands to find the seven fairies who once gave the ancient gardens of Altavarania their magic powers. This story of adventure and discovery takes Leelas, Sun and Thunder in search of love, trust, joy, integrity, peace, hope and courage. They will need these gifts to plant a new Altavarania in the land of Noaptea and save its people from perpetual poverty and war.

Ellie Perla, on writing children’s books as an artist: “The driving force behind my art is my love for beauty, cultural awareness, and harmony. My books are a natural extension of this philosophy. Intended to be experienced with a parent, they teach a very young generation of readers life-altering values and a non-violent way of life.”

Papook by Ellie Perla

Papook, the palace tea boy, has a troublesome habit of wandering off and hiding in all the wrong places. When a bad turn finds him in the balcony of the courtroom, pretending to advise the king as the ‘Spirit of the Law’, his problems really start. Luckily Old Ayo is always nearby to help with a wise solution. But when the king’s palace is in real danger, will Papook’s audacious behavior turn out to be a burden or a blessing? Elinor E. Perla lives and works in Miami, Florida. Ellie is the author and illustrator of several children’s books. She is also an artist in residence at Atelier 1022 in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, and an avid photographer.

Gibbin House by Carola Perla

Summer 1949 – in London’s Hampstead Heath, four embittered European intellectuals still occupy their former safehouse. But the mysterious arrival of the damaged refugee, Anka Pietraru, shakes them out of their stupor and challenges them to reclaim an unlived life. A story of exile, artistic kinship, motherly love, and the path to finding one’s own voice.

Carola Perla, on writing as an immigrant to Miami: “Transience leaves a special sort of mark in terms of language. Not being able to communicate for months at a time with people around you, being dismissed. And even when you begin to speak, you suffer the sensation of never quite being able to express everything. I’m always in awe at immigrant-rich Miami, because it is a place overflowing with lives, thoughts, and feelings unshared.” Perla is a Miami-based author, gallery owner, and PR specialist. Born in Romania, she has lived in Munich and Lima, and holds degrees in German Literature and Art History from Florida State University. ‘Gibbin House’ is her first novel.

Deadbeat by David Rolland

A noir thriller chronicling the adventures of Frank Bengling, Miami private investigator. He had his scuba diving, his business, and his margaritas. But then beautiful Maria Novella hires him for a case. She wants Frank to find the father of her child. After a long chase the past catches up with Frank Bengling. David Rolland, on being a young writer in South Florida: “It is hard to stay a disciplined writer in Miami with the distraction of the warm waters, but it is easy to find a story. All you have to do is take public transportation.” Rolland is a novelist and screenwriter living in South Florida. He is the author of the popular website

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